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4 Tips for Choosing Outfits for Family Pictures | Savannah Photographer

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I get asked constantly, “What should we wear for our session?” Or lots of others say, “I have no clue what we should wear! Can you give us suggestions?” I’m here to set your worries aside. It’s really as simple as wearing what makes you feel like Y O U! Whether you have chosen a couples session, engagement, or family session, your outfits should reflect who you are. If you are someone who likes funky pattern shirts, you should wear that! If you like to be dressed to the nines, totally do that. Here are 4 Tips for Choosing Outfits for Your Family Pictures.

1 . Wear what you feel comfortable in.

You want to choose something that you aren’t worried about during our time together. Don’t choose a dress that you’re worried may show too much or maybe you didn’t feel like it gave you the confidence you wanted when you first bought it. You want to choose something that is going to make you feel like you’re the next Beyonce’ or George Clooney!

2 . Does it have a meaning to it?

Depending on why you chose to do a photo session, maybe it was to celebrate a 1 year anniversary together. You have the exact location picked where you two first met or shared your first kiss together. Maybe you choose to wear the same outfit these said special moments happened in your life!

Maybe you’ve booked your engagement session and you want to pay tribute to your mom’s wedding day and wear something of hers that she wore on her wedding day. Maybe it’s a piece of jewelry handed down from her to you. Same for the guys! It could be something thats dear to you given to you by someone significant in your family. A grandfather’s watch, or pocket square handed down to you. Pieces like this can add a piece of sentimental magic into your photos.

3 . Ladies, wear something that you can have some fun in! Gentlemen, do you always wear a hat?

In my sessions, I like to add movement into my poses. This can be anything from holding hands and running together to wearing a flowy dress that you can twirl and flutter and just feel like you’re playing cinderella in!

And guys, if you are someone who ALWAYS wears a hat, then wear that hat! You can dress it up or down. You can do some shots with the hat and some without and that gives you even more variety in your images you receive. We as photographers don’t want to take away your identity and dress you up as someone else. We are here to enhance who you are.

4. Here are my suggestions as a photographer and what I have found looks great on camera.

My editing style is light and airy. I enjoying finding locations with lots of whites in the backgrounds or deep shades of greenery. Colors that balance well with these types of locations I find to be are soft pastel colors. It helps keeps the image light and soft with one cohesive look. You can match a print with a solid to add a little something extra. But I wouldn’t suggest both wearing a print as it could clash and tends to be hard on the eyes.

I have put together a Pinterest board just for my clients when they are looking for outfit inspirations. Remember, you can always find pieces you already have in your closet but if you want to have something new thats ok too! Find what is unique to you and rock it!


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